FAQ for Audi head unit

Q: What is the factory set password for an Audi head unit?

A: 8866


Q:  Idrive control knob can’t work

A: 1) If it is mmi 3g version, you need to check if this cable is connected well

2) Set the correct car model in factory setting (password: 8866)

If it is mmi 3g, select the option 09-12 B8 3G MMI HNAV OR 2013+ B8 3G MMI HNAV.

If it has no GPS, select the option B9 MIB low-res OR ‘09-12 B8 Concert/Symphony’.


Q: No sound when using CarPlay

A: Check the car has AUX or AMI port, if it has AMI port, need to connect AMI cable.

After connecting, set AUX or AMI in factory system.


Q: Having the static noise when entering linux system.

A: Refer this picture to solve.



Q: After installation, the emergency Light is always on

A: Check if the switch behind the frame is set to ON, and if you connect the emergency light adapter cable.