Which Audi radio do i have?

How to find out which radio i have in my Audi?

If you don’t know what type of OEM radio or which MMI software version installed in your Audi, we made this simple chart for you where you can learn how to identify original MMI Audi head unit and software version that is installed in your car from the factory. It is actually very easy to know what MMI system you have just by looking at the MMI software version in your radio.



How to access MMI software version in your Audi radio:

  1. Press “Setup” or “Menu” button on the radio
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “Version Information”
  4. Look for first letters and numbers of Software Version: (e.g. HNav_XX_XXXXX_XX)
  5. For Concert and Symphony radio see description below



(FIT) CLU8_XXXX – Audi MIB II High

(FIT) MHI2_XX_ – Audi MIB II

(FIT) MSTD_XX_  or MHIG – Audi MIB

(FIT) HN+R_ XX_- Audi MMI 3G+

(FIT) HNav_XX_ – Audi MMI 3G High

(FIT) Audi Concert or Symphony

(FIT) RMC_XX_ – Audi RMC

(NOT FIT) Audi MMI 2G High 

(NOT FIT) BNav_ XX_- Audi MMI 3G Low/Basic

(NOT FIT) Audi MMI 2G Low/Basic