FAQ for BMW head unit

Q: What is the factory-set password for the head unit?

A: It is 8866



Q: After the installation is complete, the OEM system displays the wrong resolution.

A: You need to change the factory settings.

Setup--Factory--password:8866--car setup--Choose the correct vehicle model and screen size



Q: Why is there no audio when playing music?

A: Regarding the problem of no sound, you need to pay attention to the following 2 points:

1. Please check if you have connected the OEM optical fiber to the new power plug.

 2. You need to set the sound source to AUX in the OEM system.

If you have done the above 2 items and it still has no sound, please use another AUX cable to connect the AUX output cable of the CarPlay unit and the OEM aux plug.